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 Membership names and ethics.

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PostSubject: Membership names and ethics.   Sun Jan 05, 2014 9:32 am

Hey everyone just a note here on choosing your membership name, if it has any racial implications or illegal activity, ie gang related etc it is not advisable to use it here as a member, we will give you the opportunity to change your name if it comes up as an issue.
Each to their own, but we really want to promote civility here.

If we do contact you about your name, do not take it personally we all have our opinions about issues and there are places to voice the ideologies and issues but not here.

I understand that some will not like the idea of saying you cannot do that here, but please keep in mind this is a rocket stove community and forum.

No big deal guys just thought I should put this out here so there is some understanding.

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Membership names and ethics.
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