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 central heating systems

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PostSubject: central heating systems    Sat Mar 15, 2014 9:03 am

as a plumber by trade i am aware of the systems that are out there

heres a few for now as to there progress over the years

first off the old solid fire boiler central heating system

this is what you dont see when you look at an openfire back boiler

there was 2 systems with the central heating one was called direct and one was indirect the direct version used to mix with the hot water as had no coil inside the hot water tank and therefore became coloured over time with usage as the rusting stuff inside the boiler and radiators used to mix together the version that is used mostly today is an indirect system a copper heating coil within the hot water cylinder tank

for those that think they are too old for the old fireback boiler systems heres the new version of it using triple pass back boiler more effective than they used to be

Grant triple pass back boiler in the living room, with a .... is great at heating our 10 radiators with a combined output of 11.6kw.

and a new style fire front for open fires to make them more efficient

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PostSubject: Re: central heating systems    Mon Apr 21, 2014 9:25 pm

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PostSubject: Re: central heating systems    Wed May 07, 2014 6:33 am

as weve discussed upon here before about what a system can and cant do what maybe stipulated by registered output manufactorers can minipulate these stats to prove there system is better than the last

as quoted other factors are also included this page will explain in more detail with costs and savings

these systems are rated at 19.6kw providing 13.2kW to the water and 6.4kW to the room.
it quotes 10 radiators this setting also depends on how hot you want per room and has other factors that you need to consider

La Nordica Rosa DSA wood burning range cooker
6-8 radiators
79.9% Efficiency

6-8 radiators

8-10 radiators

10+ radiators

old designs ratings 35kw - 40kw

aga, esse and rayburn cookers these systems do heating, hot water, cooking

these are built on rocket design technology but are heavy

the new designs are on the above links and are rated at 300kg weight

as you can see its a nightmare to choose one design from many but it comes with factors involved

the other way to check is by switching back from kw to btu

new system as shown above
a 13.2kw heating system would provide in btu 45040.2744

45,000 btu

old system aga, esse, rayburn

35kw heating system would provide in btu 119424.97

119,000 btu

as you can see a big difference people forget to factor in other things less insulation add 10%, outside walls another 10% per outside wall

in end the 45,000 btu system is too low to be used yet the higher rating 119,000 is more than adequate in providing more than enough hot water and central heating well over the desired temperature

now we come to the rocket burner how many btus does a rocket burner provide with hot water for hot water and central heatings

well to be honest i havent come across a design that has these calculations as of yet however it dosnt mean that they dont have the power to run them

the new rocket burner cookers have a good rating and the old cookers also have a good rating

any rocket burner kw rating to run hot water is going to be around 9kw but factor in a different warming system different design what was 71% rating climbs higher the higher rating the better

a statement unknown on true factors once water is added to a rocket stove the hightest temp wouldnt be acheived until the water system became hot enough

From what I have found on the Net an 8 inch stove can output about 80000 BTU (23,5 Kw),

Assumed there is a linear relationship of power output and cross-sectional area,
then a 23.5 inch stove would be needed for 200 Kw output.

well worth a read
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PostSubject: Re: central heating systems    

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central heating systems
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