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 Ring roller and other stuff

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PostSubject: Ring roller and other stuff   Sun Jun 22, 2014 5:06 am

Ring roller Stuff
(Message me if links do not work)

Plans, Sketchup

High temp sealant:


Imperial Silicone Sealant 600 deg F
Home Hadware , stove section

Hi Temperature Paint
VHT brand made in the USA, can be found in automotive section of Canadian Tire

Stick Welding Electrodes
5/64 " Lincoln  happened to be 6013 found at TSC good for small stuff .
1/16 " 308 stainless electrode, handy on 20 guage stainless if  you, like me,  sometimes struggle with  (scratch) tig,  purchased at my local air liquid supply but available online.
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PostSubject: Re: Ring roller and other stuff   Sun Jun 22, 2014 1:51 pm

Thanks Bill, I actually save this guys video on my favorites a few days ago before I saw your post.

I plan on building one that can handle 1/4" steel if needed, as well I will be making a break bending machine and hope to buy a bead rolling machine.

Small scale stuff, will be working in much lighter thinner stainless steel and will be using the machines to give structural reinforcement to keep them from warping from extreme heat.

I may do a video on the big shift I have taken.

It is due to a great deal of information from a couple of generous folks I interact with.

1/8th inch 309 stainless steel will hold up to pretty much anything you can throw at it.

I have been discussing with a fella who has built all his stoves out of it.

He has stoves that are over twenty years old and are still in service.

He uses break bending techniques to give reinforcement to the metal before welding, this gives room for expansion and contraction without having the steel warp from high temps.

His stoves are massive and will heat very large homes.

There is a study Gadily found on effects of heat transfer studies with different thickness and quality of steel.

The conclusions were that one did not need to use anything over 1/8th inch thick, but you did have to use stainless.

The reasons being were that the thicker the steel, the greater resistance to heat transfer.

The study goes into great in depth explanations with the math behind it.

Here is a link to the post that Gadily made.
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Join date : 2014-03-08
Age : 71
Location : Renfrew Ontario Canada

PostSubject: Re: Ring roller and other stuff   Mon Jun 23, 2014 12:38 pm

Pretty sure the ring roller will do 1/4" but I have not yet tried it. I just went out and rolled a piece of stainless that was 3/16" thick and and 1" problem.
My rollers are reinforced aluminium pipe but I would recommend solid steel or perhaps schedule 80 pipe. The other thing is to use a 2 ton jack as opposed to the 1 ton I bought. Mine has to be propped up to reach high enough. The 2 ton will give you more umphh. The size of your wheel needs to be big enough for leverage, Mine is about the same as in the plans problem.
I made my rollers 6" long but maybe 8,9, or 10 might be better for wider sheet stock?
My bender is a beast to lift , it is made from 3/8" steel.

You can also construct grooves in the rollers or separate externally (external to the frame but using the roller axles) mounted dies to bend light wall tubing i.e. 1/2", 1" etc.

The various types of stainless give me a head ache reading about them, the stuff I have used is 317l for riser, and 317L for the HX (it's what the scrap yard had) used tig brazing (sil-bronze) and tig welding with 316L and stick electrodes 1/8 " 316L, also 1/16" ss stick rods. Pretty well tried every process except mig. ( need a tri gas mix).

Looking forward to seeing your next endeavours, I myself might build a smallish stove for heating a ice hut. Too big And I could be swimming:> Very Happy 
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PostSubject: Re: Ring roller and other stuff   

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Ring roller and other stuff
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