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 gasifier for running a generator

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PostSubject: gasifier for running a generator   Mon Oct 20, 2014 2:19 am

as ive looked into this and still undesided which way to go ive seen some gasifiers that can run generators

its at this point you need to be careful on what sort of generator your going to use and its output vs cost of the generator once you go past 3kw the price increases dramitically and so does the weight of the generator

i have to decide weather cheaper to continue with electric supply or decide to build one and buy a generator otherwise my welding will slow down as and when i can afford to pay for welding time i also have to consider what im going to be using on this generator

welder, grinder, arc welder, general builders tools, wont run a plasma cutter as you need more amps generated and general household stuff during power cuts

ive picked 6kw too 10kw roughly around 13hp and slightly under as some welding forums state you need this sort of system to run a welder at around full power per system used im looking at compact userbility and ease of use

as you can see with this one the generator seems to be struggerling

6kwwith a 13hp engine or higher

small and can add fuel on the fly


Compressing Woodgas for future use.

tritowns system will work also for a bigger generator in use

quieting the generator

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PostSubject: Re: gasifier for running a generator   Tue Oct 21, 2014 1:55 am

I can pretty much garantee you you won't get 6 Kw out of a 13 HP motor... takes pretty much 2HP per Kw on gasoline. expect 3 to 4 Kw depending on how its plumbed. Can more power be squeezed out of that engine? sure, but you will have to do some mods to it that will limit it's use with gasoline.

I will say this. If I was starting from the start I'd use my friend Stephen Abaddess' Victoria design. 4th video from the top in this link above me. It's hearth is what our system is patterned after... with our tweaks to hopper, preheat, and grate. basic geometry is the same.

there is also lots of external heats that you can pull off the unit for other purposes... drying feedstock, making hot water and the like.
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PostSubject: Re: gasifier for running a generator   Thu Oct 30, 2014 11:10 am

thanks for the info tritowns

i did some more checking on how much eleci i would use i did find this info from the welding forum im on thoe

Nov 22, 2007

Ill do some serius maths here, for anyone that is worried about the electricity use.

ill assume you (on anyone is using 0.8mm wire and flatout 130amps)

at 130 amps the wire feed should be 5mtrs per minute. one cubic cm of steel weighs 8gms.
5mtrs (500cm) of wire is 500 x (0.04 x 0.04 x3.141) = 2.51 cm3 (radius square times Pi = area) (area x height/lenth = volume)
2.51 x 8 grams = 20 grams. so 1 mins welding uses 20 grams of welding wire. the baby reels are 0.7kg or 700 grams, so 700grams divided by 20 grams = 35 or 35 minutes worth of welding from a baby reel. Ill assume that at 130 amps the machine draws 3kw, truth is more like 2.2kw.
35mins/60mins = 0.58333 of an hour. 0.583333 x 3kw = 1.75kwh. at todays prices of about 12 pence per kw that around 21pence for every 700grams of wire laided down.

if you run a 5kg reel, then its about £1.50 per roll or a 15kg reel is £4.50 a roll. obviously if your running at lower power or higher power than 130amps the price will differ slightly

check my calculations they might be wrong, but hopefully that clears the cost of welding up

i wonder what others info would say on there energy consumption
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PostSubject: Re: gasifier for running a generator   

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gasifier for running a generator
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