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 Solar panels

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PostSubject: Solar panels   Thu Nov 06, 2014 9:21 am

Free energy from the Sun, why not ,

Buyer beware,

Make sure you do your research, to make sure you are buying what you need.

I have Grid tied system, so when sun is shinging, I get power and feed back to grid,
I did not at the time get " Battery Backup ", so when grid is down, so am I, daytime included, as there is a safety feature so we dont fry the linesmen, fixing the grid

Big mistake, now if I want " Battery Backup " for when grid is down, I need to fork out Thousands more.
Batteries, inverter and all cables installation etc.

Always do your home work first.
Best to get the " Off Grid " system right away if you ask me.

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PostSubject: Re: Solar panels   Sat Aug 22, 2015 2:27 am

heres another type of solar energy collector using steel roof sheets

Mr Lee created the most optimized house with solar panels in 1975 which took them an enormous effort to calculate and build. After the fact, he realized that he could have easily achieved 70-80% of the energy with a fraction of the effort and cost. Meaning, to get 100% of the possible solar energy in relation to the cost it made no sense. The cost and effort in relation to get only 70-80% of the possible solar energy makes sense and will pay for it’s self.

With this lesson in mind, Prof Tang Lee states that a metal roof is the simplest, easiest and most practical way to collect and use/store solar energy.

The only modification when installing a metal roof is to add vertical strapping to create an additional airspace between the sheeting and the metal roof so the heated air can travel to the ridge. Below and along the ridge there will be a framed and insulated box to trap the hot air
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Solar panels
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