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 greetings from Croatia

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PostSubject: greetings from Croatia   Mon Dec 29, 2014 11:15 am

hello dear Rocket Stove ppl :)

i have been checking out dozens of YT stuff on the RS subject and many of the ppl from this forum. I was really impressed with the technology so I managed to get my dad to help me out making one for my greenhouse project. I'm more computer skilled, while he is more workshop skilled :)

anyway, so I picked up little bit from every video put the draft on paper and we started to make it. Atm, we are at version 1.4 :)
yeah, my dad didn't like my idea from computer going thru alpha and beta phases before it's done, so he kinda went to the last phase straight from the draft idea. After things didn't work as planned ofc, there was lots of cutting, re-welding and those sort of things....but each version was better then the last one :)

so now we hit the wall in the version 1.4. RS should work fine, but for some reason the secondary combustion doesn't work like it I bumped in one of the videos to link for this forum and I decided to come and ask for some help from experts in the RS field.

i think i red somewhere that i need to wait 7 days after reg before posting pics, so asap i'll put the pics of v1.4 and specs.

ok, i managed to upload the RS pics and try to explain the main problem we are having with it atm...

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PostSubject: Re: greetings from Croatia   Mon Dec 29, 2014 11:19 am

yes you would do however type your link out to youtube vid and it can be got for you and posted up on the forums if not please do send it via pm

hi and welcome to the forums

sounds like your dad is more the type of hands on approach
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ppotty1 Admin

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PostSubject: Re: greetings from Croatia   Tue Dec 30, 2014 12:20 am

welcome to the forum giggo hope we can help
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PostSubject: Re: greetings from Croatia   

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greetings from Croatia
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