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 Modern success story.

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PostSubject: Modern success story.   Thu Apr 23, 2015 5:44 am

Here is a fantastic modern success story in where a young man broke all boundaries in bringing together people of diverse backgrounds in where many enjoyed the fruits of success generated by the fusion of minds from around the world.
There is so much in this video to take and apply to real world applications that cross all boundaries of any kind of business and academic success.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, what this young man was able to achieve was simply amazing and the results impacted the world.
We as well have the same opportunity to make an impact that changes the way wood tech is now and will be in the future.

I have so very much enjoyed the collaboration with all of you in exchanging ideas in an open source forum.
Lets keep the fire going, like the song says........We didn't start the was always burning since the world was turning......:>)
Its too bad the young man was so brilliant that he did not use common sense and got himself into a great deal of trouble.
He had good intentions but when he tried to skirt the law a leviathan system ended that for this young man and for many others.
It brought me to tears to see they pressured him into suicide.

They wanted to make him an example and he decided to deny them of it.

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Modern success story.
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