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 Knife sharpening system

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PostSubject: Knife sharpening system   Sun May 10, 2015 11:12 am

I thought this was a very cool knife sharpening system, very reasonably priced as well.

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PostSubject: Re: Knife sharpening system   Fri Jun 19, 2015 6:13 pm

As a hobby knife maker, I felt compelled to talk about how I perceive this sharpening system, but first I want to describe my experience with what I call "truly sharp". I've been compelled to do some writing in my later years, so I hope this provides maybe some useful and maybe a little tongue in cheek information and entertains y'all. If it's too long it's yer own fault for throwing this knife sharpening bait out here...too hard. :-)
 The system I use was/is? called "Razor Edge" and for good reason. When you were done, the edge was finished to a mirror polish, using a simple laminated poster board wheel, that you charged with polishing rouge. When you do the "slice into the fingernail test", it feels dull to the drag. Drag is caused by micro burr. That's how I test it's gone, then I pick out one hair on my arm, put it near the knife tip and take it right off first time. The system has two such wheels, the first charged with fine grit. I no longer use my worn out grit wheel, because I've found it matters little to the white polishing rouge how you raise a burr on the edge, whether with a stone, file, carbide scrapers, sharpening steel, or abrasive belt. As long as you get a nice full even burr and get it polished off, it don't get no better than that, though maintaining consistent angles is important. Mkay?
  I now use a shop built 2"x72" belt grinder with super fine belt to raise the necessary burr, then I take it to the hard polishing wheel, basically a power Barber's strop; which leaves the edge so you can actually shave your face with it. That being said...Oh wait, you'd like my belt grinder T2H, should I post some pics? In the Lounge? This ain't no belt sander. Real handy wearing 60 grit ceramic belts.
 To me this Work Sharp tool can yield the average person a somewhat foolproof edge, with a feel that looks easily picked up with the guides they provide. Doing it like, Fred(?) one would feel the blade being pushed upwards, away from the edge support on one side, and I would imagine instructions say resist that slight but potentially troublesome tendency. On the other side, the blade would be drug downwards into the support. At the point the blade edge is no longer supported by the guide, but is still in potential contact with the belt, there may be a tendency for the tip to be drug downward.  I would opine, that the most touchy aspect of the process would be at that point, literally, but apparently the belt being narrow and "slack", offers enough forgiveness to help prevent misgrinding. I have an issue with grinding a sharpening bevel with an unbacked or slack belt. I suspect with a light touch and the heavy belt tension these seem to have, a fairly flat and crisp bevel could be applied.
  I had to study those guides a bit before figuring out why the down side of the belt didn't suck the blade on through. The edge is supported, but only on one side of the belt. I would use the kitchen knife attachment since I don't like axe angles on a knife, plus it looks like the blade is supported on both sides of the belt. I would only use the down side of the belt to drag a burr on both sides of the blade like I do at present freehand.
  I would love to have one of these dedicated to raising a quick burr before I final touch my blades. With the attachment demonstrated, I would drag it differently, while facing the belt face, not facing it's edge, in alternately opposing directions, and on the correct sides so the blade edge is supported throughout it's contact with the belt. I would do my final strokes on the down side of the belt to leave a burr to polish off. Keep in mind the torque you apply needs to be somewhat consistent throughout the stroke and all subsequent ones.
The down side of the belt feeds away from the edge, and raises a burr. On the up side, the belt is feeding into the edge and batters the burr away.  If the belt is fine enough, it matters little to the hair on your arm which way you end the feed, but if I was stepping up to the mirror polishing wheel next, I would go there with the burr. The closer the fine belt is to producing a mirror polished edge, then the sharper it will be and the edge retention will improve. Btw, I don't use guides or a tool rest with my setup, just hold elbows tight to body and move my hands and trunk. This tool can be used while talking on the phone at the same time! lol
  All that being said, I was disappointed they didn't offer a felt or leather belt, or some modern material that could be charged with rouge. If you want an edge that likely can't be any sharper, also consider buying or making a poster board wheel and buying a stick of polish and use it with this tool. I am retiring solar off grid, so don't wanna be starting my one horse belt grinder just to raise that final wondrous burr, the finer the better, that makes a sharp knife addicting. Especially when all you gotta do is go down in the basement and turn it on!...God help me! That's why I started making my own cuz I was sharpening them to death and couldn't afford new ones! Seriously, this tool is kinda loud but it also sounds powerful.
  Also someone may want to consider selling Work Sharp the ideas of the "chargeable" belts, and "Why isn't this thing cordless?", just in case SHTF doesn't ruin the Republic this fall. This is an American made product! That is precious! I'd trade one of these folders for one: Got about ten hours in one, mostly detail work.
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PostSubject: Re: Knife sharpening system   Mon Jun 22, 2015 5:08 am

Very nice work man, as well you write very well, hold the attention of the reader and make it entertaining.
I think you should at least consider E-books

Also if not too much of a problem could you do a video on your sharpening system and techniques on your youtube channel?

Would love to see one if you can.

One day man will become finer than gold.
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PostSubject: Re: Knife sharpening system   

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Knife sharpening system
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