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PostSubject: biotherm new user   biotherm new user EmptyTue Aug 04, 2015 7:53 am

biotherm wrote:
Hi everyone,

   Up here in Northern Idaho.  I am in the process of building a batch load type system.  I was wondering if anybody can elaborate on the advantages and disadvantage of attempting to incorporate a vortex into the stove?  Wondering on the different systems like the rocket stove and the rocket mass heater what you have found.  Ppotty and Taleshi Ueno among others have incorporated into the system.  Does anyone know if one design seems more effecient on the vortex fins or configurations?  Well thanks awesome forum.

as im finding out there is differences to the systems as ive been pulled up by the members on here a few times however there is a way depending on how much you want to push at the technology as a member has posted an idea worth considering to be built all depends on how much secondary air is used at the point of exit from the firebox

other systems cause problems with secondary air the likes are the ones using pellets as secondary air can slow the process down

the area that could be of interest is the preheating of any system important or not gary and ppottys systems is saying yes

oh and welcome to the forums biotherm
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