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 A challenge and update to some things in the works.

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PostSubject: A challenge and update to some things in the works.   Thu Apr 07, 2016 2:54 am

Hello everyone I know its been awhile that I have not participated in the forum and have been quite busy with some up and coming projects.

I was faced with the decision to have to sell off all my equipment I have acquired over the years having to rent a garage from a friend.

I had several car break downs which prevented me from getting to many of my projects and having to make payments on a rental garage was starting to take a toll on our finances.

Things may be changing that will allow me to keep my tools and acquire my own shop.
It is still up in the air so we will see in a few days time.

For now I would like to post a challenge to anyone interested in excersizing their skills of observation.

Take a look at the video below and see if you can figure out how he is manipulating the mechanism to grab the object and how it is released.

It is easy to see how he is maneuvering the object through the space.

Don't cheat and read what I posted:>)
I want to see if anyone else sees what I saw and comes to the same conclusions.

Just something I do for fun, when I watch a tech video on new advancements I like to see if I can figure out how they are doing it.
Well it looks like the up loader of the video deleted my comment.
Here is what I said as to my thoughts on how they achieved this.

At first glance this looks quite surreal and magical. I could not at first see how you were manipulating the mechanism to pick up the object. Pretty impressive and as well looks like some sort of futuristic living creature. It appears to me what ever substance you are using that glistens in the light looks like some sort of filament connected from the top of the globe to the bottom straight through the center. It looks like to me you are using a motor to spin the filament or thread something like fishing line. One direction of motion winds up the filament or thread pulling up the center forming pressure on the object being picked up. Then to release the object it looks like you just reverse the direction of the motor unwinding the tension in the filament or string releasing the tension. Its brilliant incredibly creative. No doubt you have used some sort of buoyant gas using it like an air ship. Looks like I missed one thing. The mechanical apparatus on the bottom of the globe appears to be a small air pump creating suction. Makes sense to add that mechanism with the tensions mechanism pulling up the the center of the grabbing mechanism. Again very brilliant.

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A challenge and update to some things in the works.
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