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 New to forum - Here is my Pellet fed Thermal Mass Rocket Stove Design

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PostSubject: New to forum - Here is my Pellet fed Thermal Mass Rocket Stove Design   Fri Feb 09, 2018 4:15 pm

Hello Everyone! I have built a rather unique Rocket Stove that I affectionately have called "Franken-Stove". It has been featured on and to date has over 9.8k views.Here is the link You can also view a short video on YouTube if you search for "Franken-Stove". You will see how my design is different from most other rocket stoves out there. I give special thanks to a gentleman on this forum by the name T2H whose amazing ability with Sketchup and engineering insights has inspired me to build a rocket stove (with my own ideas thrown in along the way). Here is the youtube link. Please forgive me for I am not great with computers so you may have difficulty with links but I will get more proficient with practice. I am having difficulty posting a pick of the stove but it has been operational every day and heats 650 square feet of kitchen / living room open space area. It consumes about a pound of wood pellets an hour, operates at 550*F and has a 2" x 2" burn box. Refractory Cement of 1 cubic foot stores heat for about 2 hours after the last pellets are consumed. I have also incorporated an afterburner / steam reformer to aid in the cleaner combustion of gases and that can be seen in another video and the Instructable. I hope those of you who are interested in building your own pellet fed rocket stove take a moment and consider my design. I am contributing my design to this forum as thanks to many of you who were kind enough to freely demonstrate your designs on youtube so this is my way of giving back to the community that helped me design my rocket stove.
I wanted to build a small rocket stove for my workshop but when it was in the testing phase, my wife walked by it and felt the comfortable heat radiating from it she said, "Forget putting that thing in your shop! Paint it pink and get it installed in the living room!!!" In a surprised stupor of wondering just what happened, I could only muster two words; "Yes, Dear!" Happy Wife, Happy Life!
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PostSubject: Re: New to forum - Here is my Pellet fed Thermal Mass Rocket Stove Design   Wed Feb 14, 2018 10:03 am

thats a nice stove but lady pink Very Happy

welcome to the forums

i hope that you have enjoyed your builds so far

after reading the post i now know why its pink she wins lol
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New to forum - Here is my Pellet fed Thermal Mass Rocket Stove Design
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