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 Stainless steel options

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Stainless steel options Empty
PostSubject: Stainless steel options   Stainless steel options EmptyFri Dec 05, 2014 12:40 pm

Here is a site that I have put a link up for just an idea for materials that are rather inexpensive.
Just some ideas for stainless steel resources that can almost be used for plug and play.

This pages shows some examples for riser or down draft tube possibilities..

Here are some bigger ones that could be used in various applications.

Next link is for stainless steel utility pails, I can see using some of this stuff for building a gasifier.

Also looking at food holding pans as an idea for main stove body parts for making small portable cooking and heating stoves.

Also looking at this stainless steel tubed coil with threaded ends for hot water heating applications.
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Stainless steel options
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