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 Been away for a bit

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Been away for a bit Empty
PostSubject: Been away for a bit   Been away for a bit EmptyMon Feb 16, 2015 1:17 am

I have backed off from the building of a better stove for the time being do to $$$$$. In the mean time I have found a old Wonder wood / wood curculater-- wood stove. Having some issues with the way I chose to install it with out going thru my steel roof. My issue is the creasote build up. I do have to flu over the peak of my house. I think my issue is , I have to much restriction from stove to out side pipe because of the way I chose to run my flu outside. The stove is sitting 2 1/2 ft from my wall with a elbow to start going up with a 3 ft piece and another elbow with a 2 ft piece going to the wall thimble ( triple wall pipe from here out ) I think I need to eliminate the 2nd elbow, and go straight out and up. I have such a hard time uploading pictures, I will if I need to. Also, on the ouside, when me and my help did the install, some how we ended up with a very slight tip downward 1/2 inch maybe. I plan on re doing this and moving my inside pipe ( eliminating the 2nd elbow and going staight out the wall, which I didnt want to do in the begining. This will be a spring -summer project.
Oh and by the way I dont see any of my posts from my first build? are they in the achives some where.
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PostSubject: Re: Been away for a bit   Been away for a bit EmptyMon Feb 16, 2015 7:23 am

lionheart you will have issues with the old stoves with cresote build up

as in theory all your doing is burning the flames within the chimney the easy option of this is by using a secondary air system an adaption of old into new tech

i mention it on this thread
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Been away for a bit
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