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 New PPotty video a must watch

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Gary B.

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New PPotty video  a must watch Empty
PostSubject: New PPotty video a must watch   New PPotty video  a must watch EmptyTue Oct 20, 2015 2:00 am

I just watched PPotty's latest video on his cast riser rocket stove. This video is so spot on that I want all members to watch and pay very close attention to what he says. Everything he says in my opinion is fact. My first rocket stove is some what like his but a larger scale. If you are considering a rocket heater project you can't go wrong if you follow his advice.

I am in the middle of building my smaller version batch rocket heater and yes I am taking all of PPotty's advice with a few twists of my own.

I know some members have been wondering when I will be showing build pictures and videos and burn details like I did last year on my large batch rocket stove. Well I got all parts built including the cast riser and I was just about to start the welding stage of the build (my favorite part of the build).  Then out of no where I got some serious health conditions that has taken me off my feet. I have been to four doctors two of which are specialists and now I am under the care of an Endocrinnoligist. I have had so many blood tests I feel like a pin cushion. So for now my build project is just sitting in my shop waiting for me to get better. I can assure you as soon as I can get back on this project I will and of course I will share the total build and burn with the group as was done on my last batch rocket stove.
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New PPotty video  a must watch Empty
PostSubject: Re: New PPotty video a must watch   New PPotty video  a must watch EmptyTue Oct 20, 2015 4:42 am

ppottys new video

im also building a new one at moment but im also way behind on building it up however ive been concentrating on the new roof and also insulating it as well
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New PPotty video a must watch
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