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 collecting steel

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PostSubject: collecting steel    Fri Jan 30, 2015 9:42 am

im collecting some new steel very soon hopefully weather holding

its m62 m6 the journey involved m6 lancaster north and birmingham south on m6

the metal im collecting is sheet steel and box section im willing to collect anyone some sheets or box section whilst there at same time but i only have a lwb transit van i can return with some sheets if your wanting any to pay for id hope that you would offer some fuel as well

these give you a rough idea on sizes and price

1260mm x 760mm x 3mm. £25
1265mm x 1020mm x 3mm. £30
1260mm x 1025mm x 3mm. £30
1260mm x 1010mm x 3mm. £30
1260mm x 950mm x 3mm. £27
1440mm x 505mm x 3mm. £23
1500mm x 750mm x 3mm. £27
1410mm x 780mm x 3mm. £25

1200mm long. 120mm x 120mm with a 5mm wall thickness. £21

660mm x 418mm x 5mm. £17
700mm x 296mm x 5mm. £14
467mm x 240mm x 5mm. £8
568mm x 243mm x 5mm. £10
912mm x 380mm x 5mm. £17
1000mm x 216mm x 5mm. £15
910mm x 280mm x 5mm. £15
710mm x 600mm x 5mm. £20
1255mm x 730mm x 5mm. £35
1160mm x 460mm x 5mm. £25
840mm x 525mm x 5mm. £19

this offer is one off or may consider doing it more as not decided as of yet please note i dont mind if near the areas im passing but way off my path i do mind please consider this
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collecting steel
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